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This year, we will focus on the emergent aid to refugee , which will continue our missions and even increase the impacts. The number of refugees of concern to UNHCR(The UN Refugee Agency) stood at 10.5 million at the beginning of 2011. People who are forced to flee their homes and seek safety in another country, or a different part of their own country, invariably need help. "volunteer& is Everyone’s Business."

The Charity Auction is coming of age: This year, we are reaching our 4th anniversary and would like to celebrate in the most festive and romantic way by inviting you to join our Charity Auction in New York and Paris.

At Goldman Sachs, we:

In summer of 2012, volunteer& began hosting charity auctions, an on-going half-annual auction to help raise money for the people who are in most need of the world. 1302USD was raised this summer.

Since the ever first charity auction successfully run in Marriott Midtown NYC last summer, our committee has warmed the hearts of hundreds of refugees, reaching out to refugees is what volunteer& is all about. 1298USD was raised this winter.

The third Charity Auction raised 3086USD for the UNHCR and we benefited greatly by the beautiful ballroom afforded us by Marriott Marquis New York.

We are thrilled to be able to work with UNHCR again to give Chines students an opportunity to own the first charity experience in NYC and at the same time help support the refugees in Africa. More than 3380USD was raised this winter.

Auctions have included everything from Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy, to Western ceramics. With efforts matching all the bids, each item brought more than double the money. 2468USD was raised.

With the success of past years’ students run event, we raised the most ever donation this winter, 4100USD.

This summer, we will expand our charitable footprints to Paris, fund-raising activities will be held at the Renaissance hotel Arc de Triomphe.